3 Qualities That Good Men Desire In a Woman

There are certain qualities that good men find very desirable in women. When we say good men, we of course mean men who are intelligent, personable, successful in their work, ambitious, and sure of themselves and the world around them. These men are the leaders of their kind, and most women (if not all) are attracted to men who know how to lead.

Usually, strong male leaders have a tendency to look beyond a woman’s outward beauty and her charm. Instead, these men tend to analyze a woman’s character and her behaviors.

For the woman who wants to attract the kind of man who is a leader among other men, she must know what qualities that these men find highly attractive in a woman.


Grace isn’t simply about a woman’s appearance. Grace has more to do with how a woman carries herself. A woman with feminine grace will have no trouble attracting high-quality men.

Men in leadership positions or those with leadership qualities love a woman who exudes that mysterious feminine grace that the majority of women today simply lack. It represents the old but timeless cliché where a man is the knight and his woman, the princess. Grace is the quality that sets the stage for a man to be more chivalrous with a woman.

A graceful woman knows how to use her God-given femininity to influence those around her. It is more than charm as it is a state of being. A graceful woman combines class and elegance with a deep appreciation for the beauty in everything. She is confident in herself and her beauty, and she illustrates her self-love in the kindly way she treats others.

She celebrates the soft, sweet, and gentle nature of her gender, and this makes her more desirable to powerful and successful men.

High-quality men find grace in a woman extremely attractive. Any woman may be able to tell from her own observations how elegant and graceful women tend to have men begging to do things for them, wait on them, and assist them. This is the power of feminine grace.


This is a rare quality that is not commonly found in either gender. But for those women who want a good man, learning the art of prudence is of utmost importance.

The high-quality men that women desire possess leadership qualities that have propelled them ahead of their fellow men. One of these qualities is their ability to make good decisions on a consistent basis and to take responsibility for those decisions.

A good decision is one that is constructive in any situation rather than destructive. Thus the woman that learns how to make more constructive decisions in her life will attract the attention of high-quality men.

Because these good men have a tendency to make very good decisions on a regular basis, they inherently admire a woman who does the same in her own life. It’s as simple as like attracting like.

Prudence is simply another word for acting wisely, and to become a wise woman is to know what to do and say in various situations whether private or public. A prudent woman knows how to increase the quality of life around her by her decisions. And this quality can be learned with time.


Good men love a diligent woman. No, this doesn’t mean that a man only wants a woman to be a housemaid, full-time chef, child-bearer and bedroom companion, but it also means that he desires a woman who understands the value of creating and contributing.

If the man a woman wants to attract is a very successful one who is diligently pursuing his dreams, then he is looking for a woman who is in diligent pursuit of her own dreams as well. A good man that is interested in finding a woman to be his irreplaceable partner will desire a woman that has a purpose that she is passionately pursuing.

A woman that wants to become more productive will be more mindful of how she spends her time, money, and resources. As she learns to be more productive in her affairs, she will become more of a producer than a consumer.

An intelligent and successful man will greatly understand the difference between a woman that simply consumes his time and resources as opposed to one that adds immense quality to his life as well as her own.

A highly productive nature is a rare find in both men and women. And this is the quality the separates an average woman from one who will become an irreplaceable partner to a man.

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